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At Encon, we also place a lot of value on teamwork which we believe is critical to our success reflected in our value system and core competencies.

There's only one thing that keeps both employers and employees happy and motivated – A common goal that emerges when wave lengths match. In effect, a shared vision and passion for growth is the group's work habit since the beginning. Understanding the fact that every employee is unique and so is his/her contribution to success of the company. As a corporate firm, we strive to create an environment that fosters excellence, encourages innovation, creativity and motivates employees to contribute, learn, and grow throughout their careers. We are highly collaborative in all that we do and we strive for best-in-class results in all our endeavors.

The people factor has always been given its due and the deserving, proven by their excellent performance can always aim for accelerated career growth. We also encourage out of box thinking and allow the germination of new ideas among the employees to take the company to newer heights.

As a company which has strong belief in human capital, reciprocates in every possible avenue to reward and recognize. There are no real hierarchies which hinders the performance as can be experienced by the employees through the lean, flat structure of the organization. The very fact that the leadership/ potential team of the company are not less than 5 years young, establishes these covenants.

You are invited to join this pleasant journey of passion for performance.

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